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Marketing your Products and Services in Japan
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TRU-Solutions, Inc.

If you require the best assistance in penetrating the Japanese IT market, please contact us.
We can represent you on a retainer and incentive basis, assigning suitable partners, assisting
contract negotiations, and providing personalized follow-up services by the best Industry Specialists.

If your Company (and Products) has already been in the Japanese market, yet you have
a need for someone here in Tokyo to continuously monitor Sales, Market Trends and
Partner Activities, etc., please also contact us.

Company Objectives
1) Partner Search: Identifying and recommending your business partners in Japan
2) Negotiation and Representation: Providing assistance in concluding business arrangements
 /contracts with your Japanese partners
3) Japan Entry Consulting: Providing consultations on your strategic business development
 including business process and human resource consulting for your smooth business start-up
 in Japan

Basic Services
1) Search Service: Identifying appropriate Strategic Partners in Japan as your Distributors/
Agents/ Licensees/ OEM Clients, etc.
2) Negotiation: Providing appropriate advice based on international practices, local rules, and
 customs in your negotiation with your Japanese Partners.
3) Representation: Keeping you updated with the sales and marketing of your Japanese
 Partners, and advising appropriate problem solutions.
4) Executive service: Providing secretarial services such as making business appointments,
 business trip itinerary for you in Japan

Optional Services
1) Public Relations and Product Promotion: Planning and setting up Press Conference/
 Seminars/ Exhibitions/ Advertising, etc.
2) Pre-opening Preparation of your Japan Office: Office set-up including Executive Search/
 Office Search and continuing business development advices and consulting services.
3) Others: Upon Request.

ERP, SCM, CRM, EAI, EIP, IT-Projects, Business Consulting, etc.

1) Fixed Retainer Fee: To be defined. The annual retainer fee is payable on a monthly basis.
2) Incentive Fee: The incentives are based on invoice value of your sales to Japanese Partners.
 Incentives shall be paid monthly.
3) To be quoted on request for Optional Services.


Yoichi Nishijima /Mr.

TRU-Solutions,Inc. President/CEO

Over 40Yrs. Strong and Long experience in the IT and
Software Package market. Mostly Imported and Localized
Software Products from the U.S. and Europe.

Expertise in ERP,SCM,CRM,

Business Application Arena as Sales/Marketing and Business Consulting and BSC.

Organize "F+S Forum" as Wide Human Network for over 18Yrs
which contains >2,000 key personnel in IT Industry in Japan.

'93.03-Current TRU-Solutions,Inc. , President and CEO
'01.04-Current BSC Forum , Management Group
'97.07-99.05 ERP Forum Japan , Senior Consultant
'96.04-96.06 J.D.Edwards Japan , Director, Sales Division
'94.09-95.02 QAD Japan , General Manager, Sales Division
'92.03-93.03 ASCII Corporation , Executive General Manager
'78.08-92.03 K.K.ASHISUTO , Board of Director
'72.04-'78.07 Matsushita Seiko K.K. , Information Systems Division


TRU-Solutions, Inc.
Yoichi Nishijima Mr. / Managing Director,CEO
1-9-10-101 Kakinokizaka Meguro-ku Tokyo Japan 152-0022
TEL:+81-3-5701-3091 FAX:+81-3-5701-3099